About the Organization for Economic Development


It is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization that supports its private and community sectors and contributes to economic development and sustainable and industrial development programs.

The organization seeks to create specialized projects for Iraqi, Arab and foreign profit companies to encourage them to invest in all of Iraq. The organization also seeks to establish social ties and the relationship between citizens and the state and the national integration between nationalities and sects, and the need to reduce the phenomenon of unemployment by providing sources of livelihood for them and their families and providing financial and banking facilities and bringing in internal and external capital to encourage them to invest in sustainable projects and all other projects.  To provide employment opportunities in the establishment and operation of projects and encourage civil work to reduce the role of the State in supporting small and medium enterprises and relying on the private sector in the implementation of these projects.

The reason for establishing the organization and its purpose

After the recent events in 2014 and the sudden economic decline, a group of founders specialized in economic and development affairs and scientific and professional competencies initiated a serious study of the economic and development issues and finding rational non-bureaucratic solutions, through field visits to sustainable development projects and disabled industrial factories, As well as construction projects, logistics, mining and others using Iraqi expertise in all disciplines as:

  • Supporting the State to develop and develop the economy by encouraging the private sector to invest funds to implement specialized, professional and development projects.
  • Utilizing all Iraqi local capacities and international expertise in building economic bases for the manufacture of local Iraqi products to achieve self-sufficiency in development and industrial projects.
  • Submit proposals to the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives to legislate laws that contribute in finding solutions and provide an environment suitable for the private sector and profitable companies to contribute to the development and development of the economy.

It is necessary to obtain a formal authorization of the Organization according to the laws and the Constitution so that we can contribute to support the development economy throughout Iraq.

And for that, we have established and registered Al Aayan Organization for Economic Development


The objectives of the organization and means of investigation

  • To support and provide an environment suitable for the Iraqi economic growth and the use of international companies and encourage them to invest in the whole of Iraq economically, agricultural, industrial, and the rest of the projects and support the government programs for the provision of soft loans without interest, to implement small and medium economic projects and sustainable private sector, And restarting the disabled projects and rehabilitating them in the field of development and modern technology for the growth of the Iraqi economy.
  • Dependence on the available human resources of graduates to reduce the clinging to the appointment in government institutions and open the doors of free professional work in the private sector and the rehabilitation of workers in the fields of economy and steel industries, trade and handicrafts to reduce the importer.
  • Encouraging investment in all fields of industry, agriculture, livestock, logistics, mining, public and religious tourism, and our country’s religious shrines, tourist and geographical location.
  • Working on the promotion and marketing of Iraqi products through the role of flags in the development of projects for all specialties and communicate with all ministries and departments to resolve the problems.

The objectives are achieved as follows:

  • Through organizing, coordinating and implementing projects and working with international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union and relevant organizations.
  • Through attending local, Arab and international specialized seminars and conferences and networking with specialized organizations in the field of economy and development.
  • Through the use of specialized expertise and competencies in the economic field and the transfer of modern information and the use of the experiences of neighboring countries and the rest of the developed countries.

Organization logo

The logo of the organization symbolizes an oval shape framed in yellow and means the hope of economic advancement. Inside the oval shape, the shape of a blue-colored circular pattern is shown in its crescent. This signifies the development of industry and the work of the private and the private sectors. On the right, it symbolizes three palms in the green color of the palm of the Iraqi palm and symbolizes the depth of agriculture and sustainable development above the overall shape. The sun rises to see the country of the two rivers from the top of the logo written in Arabic Al Aayan Organization for Economic Development and from the bottom of the logo in English.

Designed by Eng. Hassan Muayad Ibrahim
Email : hassan6289@gmail.com